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Diocesi di Banjarmasin

La diocesi di Banjarmasin è una sede della Chiesa cattolica in Indonesia suffraganea dellarcidiocesi di Samarinda. Nel 2015 contava 14.789 battezzati su 4.077.000 abitanti. È retta dal vescovo Petrus Boddeng Timang.


Banjarmasin is the capital of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is located on a delta island near the junction of the Barito and Martapura rivers. As a result, Banjarmasin is sometimes called the "River City". Its population was 625.395 at the 2010 Census and estimated to be more than 720.000 in late 2018.

Banjarmasin riot of May 1997

The Banjarmasin riot of May 1997 took place on 23 May 1997 on the last day of the election campaign for the Indonesian legislative election, 1997. In strongly Islamic Banjarmasin, supporters of the PPP were aggrieved by perceived abuses of power by the ruling Golkar party. After Friday prayers, thousands of people attacked supporters heading to a Golkar rally. The ensuing violence resulted in the killing of several Golkar supporters, as well as attacks on the interests of big businesses, Christians, and the Chinese. A Batak Protestant Church, close to a large mosque, and its neighbouring Chinese-owned houses were burned, as well as the Catholic Saint Marys Cathedral, two other Catholic churches, several Catholic schools, and a home for the elderly. In addition 8 shopping malls, Lima Cahaya department store the largest in the area at the time, Chinese-owned businesses, and churches of seven denominations, a Buddhist temple, two hotels, 21 cars, 130 houses, and four government buildings were damaged or destroyed. In total at least 137 people were killed, mostly on the second floor of the Mitra Plaza mall, which had been entered by looters reluctant to surrender to the surrounding police.

Banjarmasin War

The Banjarmasin War was a colonial war for the restoration of Dutch authority in the eastern and southern section of Borneo.

Roman Catholic Diocese of Banjarmasin

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Banjarmasin) is a diocese located in the city of Banjarmasin in the Ecclesiastical province of Samarinda in Indonesia.

Holy Family Cathedral, Banjarmasin

The Holy Family Cathedral is a religious building of the Catholic Church in Banjarmasin in the province of South Kalimantan, Indonesia. It was designed by architect Roestenhurg in a neo-Gothic style. The Cathedral was consecrated on June 28, 1931, and follows the Roman or Latin rite. It serves as the Cathedral of the diocese of Banjarmasin Bangiarmasinus Dioecesis or Keuskupan Banjarmasin, created in 1961 year of the ox "See Christus" of Pope John XXIII.

Battle of Banjarmasin

The Battle of Banjarmasin took place as part of the Japanese offensive to capture the Dutch East Indies. The Japanese conducted a pincer attack from sea land to capture a strategic airfield in Banjarmasin in preparation for the capture of Java Island.